People don`t imagine that they have real treasures in their family albums
100 years ago the Russian Revolution and civil war changed lives of people and ruined their routine. That epoch has left many artefacts. Modern people sometimes don`t imagine that they have real treasures in their family albums. "The first wave" is a documentary project about the family of the artist, which was made to run from Russia after the Bolsheviks Revolution. The key feature of the project is that the author uses his private photo archive, which tells the story of nobles in Russia and fate of the whole White Russian emigrant society. People from these pictures were dispersed about the world – USSR, Finland, Norway, France, USA. Abroad they need to become new people and family ties were damaged. The project tries to restore that relationship again.
"The first wave" is a cross platform project. It includes VR experience and social media campaign. The VR experience consists of 3 parts: pre-revolution period – the last days of Russian nobles, the run and the life in emigration in different countries. In VR experience artist combines archive photos, Tilt Brush painting, 3D and photogrammetry technology to immerse viewers into the spirit of the particular epoch. A social media campaign includes a web site and Instagram activity with a hash tag #firstwave, where the artist asks users to upload old pictures of their relatives, who immigrate abroad after 1917. The aim of the campaign is to find the same people on different photos, the owners of which could live in any part of the world.