Oculus Quill illustrative series, 6 DOF XR experience
Sa1ntDenis - concept, artist
Natalia Severina - concept, script

"Liry" - is a VR tale about life and death, painted in Oculus Quill. Putting on a headset, a viewer investigates the worlds of old cemeteries in a company of a graveyard cat Liry, the silent guide through eternity. During the experience a viewer will visit Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris, graveyard-island San Michele in Venice, Highgate - in London, the Old Donskoye cemetery in Moscow and the Hollywood Forever. The piece is produced as a single experience for stores or multi-user for social VR platforms. Each location is 5-7 minutes long and has linear and interactive elements. The story starts in Paris, where a participant appears at the Père Lachaise cemetery.
Episode 1: Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris
Architecture of the world
The world represents the system of technologically connected graveyards with its rules and way of life. The viewer visits otherworldly towns, which have been built centuries ago. The inhabitants of these towns are ghosts, who live off the memory their have left on the earth. The memory is the currency which is used for buying things like feelings, bodies, days off. The viewer travels through these places like a tourist with the help of the cat Liry, who is the only alive creature who can visit the places like that.
The background
I started to develop this idea when I investigated the history of my family through the focus of immigration. My great grandfather and his family, the Kuzmins, were made to run abroad from Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution and were dispersed about the world after that — USSR, Finland, Norway, France, the USA. Being involved in the investigation, I understood that all that people were buried in different cemeteries around the globe. In search of any hints I started to examine cemeteries in Italy, France, and all countries, which I visited at that period. Old graveyards are atmospheric places. I came up with the idea to make a story about its inhabitants and realized that every place I visited was settled with cats. In such a way I started to develop a story with a cat Liry, a mysterious guide, who can transfer people through different cemeteries.

Denis Semenov
On the photos above is the family of my great grandfather Leonid Kuzmin before the Revolution and after their immigration: his brother George, who immigrated to France in 1922, his mother, cousins and family friends. These photos became an inspiration for making some concept art for the project about the people, who had to leave their homes and died abroad. The place of some of their graves is still unknown. It gave me the thought that the main thing we leave on the earth - is the memory about ourselves.

Denis Semenov
Tilt Brush
Tilt Brush
Other episodes
Episode 2: San Michele Cemetery island in Venice
Episode 3: Highgate Cemetery in London
Episode 4: The Donskoye Cemetery in Moscow
Episode 5: Hollywood forever in Los Angeles