Denis Semionov x Venice Biennale

XR artwork "(487) Venetia"

Denis Semionov - concept, artist
Louis Cacciuttolo - concept, creative producer
VRrOOm - production
In partnership with VRChat

(487) Venetia is an existing rare-type stony asteroid from the middle regions of the asteroid belt. It was discovered on 9 July 1902, by Italian astronomer Luigi Carnera at Heidelberg Observatory in southwest Germany. The idea of the artwork is to imagine what if the Venetia asteroid is coming to the Earth.
The events of the experience take place on the imaginary hill with an observatory on the top. To get to the hill visitors use red funiculars, instantly moving back and forth. The system of Venice style teleport doors help to jump from place to place in a moment. The observatory has a huge screen and an interactive telescope in the middle of the roof. Visitors can use it to see how close the asteroid is

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